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About The Great British Limerick Book

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Surely it can’t be done. But it has been done.


For the first time in the history of mankind someone has been dedicated enough and fool enough to write a filthy limerick for every town in the UK which, unlike Leeds or Devizes, doesn’t already have a classic filthy limerick to call its own.


From Land’s End to John o’ Groats, The Great British Limerick Book has a filthy limerick for your town, for your uncle’s town, for your cousin’s husband’s ex-wife’s town ... as long as it’s in the UK and  as long as it isn’t one of those few places that are really impossible to find a rhyme for.


There are over 900 limericks in the book. A lot of them are hilarious. Most of them are very funny. All of them are filthy.


The book contains adult humour and profanity.


Lewis Williams hasn't devoted his whole life to the art of writing filthy limericks. He is also up to over level 400 on Candy Crush. He also has his own website at

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The Great British Limerick Book is published by Corona Books UK, independent publishers of the brilliant, innovative and quirky


Buy The Great British Limerick Book from

Buy The Great British Limerick Book from

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